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Blueberry-Orange Parfait

How about the combo of blueberries with orange in the vest of a velvety cream of fruity goodness that you can consume as a dessert but also for breakfast? And what about having the added bonus of vitamins and fibre from vegetables hidden in there? Then this...

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How a Salad Dressing can give you Freedom

Salad or sandwich? Which do you grab when you are hungry? Do you often find yourself deciding against the salad because not only do you have to wash and prep the salad ingredients, but you also have to make the dressing and it’s that last bit that then seems to make...

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Self-Made Stress and how to Laugh it Away

Finally, the Easter weekend is here!   Are you looking forward to a few days off? Or are you rather stressed and can’t wait to get back into your normal routine? For many people the days leading up to these holidays have been hectic and full of long to-do lists. Was...

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My very first Migraine and what it taught me

I still remember when my very first migraine hit me I remember it like today, very vividly, laying on the bottom bunk bed in this Austrian hostel my school class was staying in for our ski week, way back, when I was 12 years old. Read on or watch the video to find out...

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