Essential Oils


Essential Oils are such a great help with a lot of symptoms, for example when you feel a headache or migraine coming on and want to catch it in time or also when it has already struck and you want to lighten the burden.

Oftentimes I have been able to actually get rid of a headache again after applying some peppermint oil or my saviour, the Past Tense mix. It’s certainly worth a try and so easy to have a little bottle always with you in your bag.

I also swear on my Digest Zen Essential Oil Blend, which comes in very handy whenever myself or people around me need help with indigestion. I always carry a small bottle of this in my purse.

If you are looking to purchase essential oils, make sure they are the real thing and not synthetic! Normally you can trust brands that are sold in natural food stores and they usually have quite a good collection.

I happen to use mainly DoTerra oils and love the ease of just ordering online and being sure that I get a very good product. They are a little more pricey, but I am personally okay with that. If you want to have a look what they have to offer, you can have a look here on my DoTerra page and see if their products speak to you. I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate, so should you decide to purchase via my page, I do get a commission.

But really I just would love for you to find something that helps you through the day when a headache strikes and I don’t care where you buy, just make sure it’s a good oil! And if you want to work on actually not getting any or not so many headache or migraine attacks anymore, I’d love to have a chat with you and see how I can help you with that.

Wherever you purchase from, here are a few more oils that might help to soften the burden of a headache or migraine.

If you are new to Essential Oils, here are a few guidelines:

  • A little goes a long way, so usually 1-2 drops are enough
  • I usually apply them pure, but if you are very sensitive, better mix them in with a little coconut or other carrier oil, like almond oil. If you don’t have any of those at hand, just get creative and use a tiny bit of any other cream you usually use.
  • Avoid to get the oils near/in the eyes or on the lips as they can really sting there
  • For a headache I usually apply them on my temples and/or forehead, sometimes even under the nose and on my neck.
  • I do love that the Past Tense oil comes in a practical roller, so it’s very easy to apply on the go. I have seen rollers with for example peppermint oil from other companies as well, so if you find something like that, I’d really recommend it. Some of them have a metal ball for the rolling function and the coolness of the metal actually adds extra soothing while you apply it.
  • Apart from helping in case of a throbbing head and the possible associated nausea, essential oils can help with many ailments, can freshen up the room climate via a diffuser, can even be used to clean, so they are little gems for one’s body, mind and home self care kit. It’s very easy to make your own oil mixtures in little roll-on bottles you can purchase online and have your very own natural home pharmacy.

Enjoy exploring the world of essential oils & here is to happy and healthy days ahead!