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Tired of your migraine and your other chronic symptoms?

Prepare yourself with these 15 tips, so that you can keep a migraine from getting worse – without pain killers and medication.
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It's time to get to the root causes of your health challenges so that you can enjoy your life again.

I work with professionals to find the root cause of their chronic illness and health challenges, to understand the contributing factors and offer personalized solutions to help them reduce their symptoms in a sustainable way.
I believe that health starts with a healthy digestive system and radical self-love and this is the starting point for your transformational journey where I will be the support by your side.
I want you to live your life fully and with ease! And I empower you to get there in freedom, making this a truly enjoyable journey!

“And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

~ Meister Eckhart ~


Do you often think 'oh no, not again, not today'?

And there it goes, the pain sets in rapidly and all your plans for the day go out of the window, because you just CAN'T FUNCTION when you are crippled by a migraine or you are bloated and miserable or have pain in your joints.

Yet another social appointment you have to cancel because you just can't make it through the throbbing pain or the discomfort. Feeling like this kicks you out from circulation, kills your momentum, leaves you feeling incapable, a loser, letting everybody down.

You sense that some people think that you are just faking it because you actually don't want to stick to your commitments or that you are a whiner, never feeling well. Nothing could be further from the truth but how can they understand, if they have never been through this themselves?  



Are aches, pains or other symptoms making you waste precious

time of your life?

I know that there is a way out for you, a journey to freedom!

I have been there myself and I can't tell you how much better life gets when you don't have to deal with symptoms of different nature anymore! When you can live your life fully, when you feel vital, in control and more dynamic than you have ever been.

And that's what I want you to experience for yourself! I am specialized in helping smart and caring women to free themselves from their chronic diseases, from painful and debilitating symptoms and I would love to help you too!

My experience has shown me that both physical and emotional stress often are the main contributors to pain and illness and this is where my work as a coach sets in. We look at all the areas in your life and check where the major stress factors lay for you. Once we have a clear picture we start working on these areas and transform or reduce all the aspects that cause you or your body stress, getting you back in balance.



Food is the first entry point to help you to better health and to painfree living. That's why in my coaching programs we always start to look at the food you eat and how your body is dealing with that food.

But we don't leave it at that! Because there are other areas that also play an important role: your general lifestyle, your relationships, your emotions, your believes and much more.

So next to amazing recipes and a strategy to discover your sweet-spot-foods in my coaching programs you'll get a full range 360-degree support system, designed to get you symptom free and happy. And we do it all in small baby steps so that you can get used to new habits and most importantly don't get overwhelmed or stressed! Any small step you take is huge in significance and you can be proud of each one of them.



Find freedom from pain and feeling unwell, freedom to live your life like you are meant to!

Finding wellbeing begins with change

Contrary to common belief change does not have to be difficult. Change can actually be really liberating and bring you more freedom in the process! I am here to support you and help you take small simple steps that make you feel better day by day.

Clean Eating

Discover the power of crowding out what causes you discomfort and adding in delicious food that makes you feel great!

Body + Mind

Learn the most important tools and techniques that give you power over your health and take back control over your life!

Support Tools

Find out how essential oils can easily and effectively help you against pain and fatigue and support your immune system!


“One of my greatest joys is to see my clients get happier, to help them overcome their health issues and become fully alive again.”

Martina offers holistic lifestyle coaching based on her client's personal goals and needs.

Each client's unique situation is the starting point for root cause investigation. With a toolbox full of wisdom and tips she guides her clients to apply subtle tweaks to their nutrition and lifestyle, producing dramatic results to their health and overall wellbeing.


Let others tell you about a happier life
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program is that I am much more aware of my body and its needs and I learned that a totally different way of eating without gluten, sugar and dairy is possible. And you still feel full and light. I would recommend Martina to anybody who needs a support for weight loss, energy levels, chronic pain. Her coaching will be one the best things to do in your life.

Deniz Dokurlar

I’ve been suffering from headaches for a very long time. I always left my house being armed with some kind of aspirine. Martina gave me very simple and crazy effective tips and patiently guided me through my eating habits and all things that caused headache. Like stress and worry. Yesterday I realized I hadn’t taken a pill for weeks! Thank you so much Martina!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain -

I have to admit I was very skeptical,  but I had gastritis that no doctor had been able to actually solve, but only to ‘hide’ for a while’. I changed my mind after a few weeks: Martina has managed to get rid of my gastritis, and make me feel incredibly better. Two years have passed, I have not had any more problems since then, and I learned things that have improved my and my childrens’ quality of life. And we keep enjoying new surprising taste experiences that Martina made us discover.

Paola Casella

Martina is an excellent health coach to lead you as a friend to take care of your body and nutrition in a holistic way. I learned that we are made of body, emotions and thoughts and that these are all equally important. Love for yourself, acceptance, relax and a smile over your life: these come in the survival kit together with all the tools Martina provided me with. Most important: I learned to put myself in the centre and to establish a rhythm and a balance that works for me.

Monica Pizzo

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