Freedom from migraine is an option available to you.

I help you make that choice!

Hello there! So good you are here!

Migraine most likely has brought you here. My guess is you have other health issues on top of that.
Are you troubled by digestive issues, frequent colds, weight gain, allergies or maybe you even have an autoimmune disease?
Most of the time migraine is only one part of the puzzle. And it really is a puzzle. All parts are connected, each part has its contribution to the balance that is health.

With an approach based on functional medicine and functional nutrition I see migraine as a symptom caused by underlying root causes. Once we have identified the root causes I help you step into your healing path with a lot of love and understanding. Because I have been where you are. I know what you are going through.

Hi, I’m Martina Brüggemann,
Certified Health Coach, helping you to connect with the healthy version of yourself.

As a Health Coach, I have a different way of approaching health and wellness. While food is the starting point of my work, I will be looking at all the different areas of your life, to help create a plan that will bring YOU success!

Together we create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

I show you how to make small and sustainable, yet very important changes in life that assist you to say goodbye to the pain in your life. I want to empower you to unleash that healthy and happy version of yourself that is waiting inside you.

Can you imagine that it feels somewhat magical when the pain finally lifts, when symptoms are getting less strong or less frequent?

I know this because I was very surprised myself, when I noticed an absence of my migraines, all of a sudden, more than 10 years ago. I could not believe that the changes in my diet that I had made not long before were having such an impact after a relatively short time.

After over 30 years with migraine and many attempts to find a solution, I had finally stumbled over a way out.
And I was so impressed with the results I got from making changes to my eating and lifestyle habits, that I decided to make it my purpose to help others to improve their quality of life as well.

I started studying the impact food has on our body at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certifying as Health Coach and deepening my knowledge in the Functional Nutrition Alliance with Andrea Nakayama. Since then the Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition approach have become the basis for my work.

But I haven’t always been a health coach and that’s why I understand what you are going through!

With a background both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur I know what impact migraines can have on your life, your work, your family, friends and even on your confidence and identity.  And I understand the impact that fighting migraines and other symptoms with conventional medication can have on your overall health. That’s why I am all for achieving lasting health without medications as much as possible.

I want you to live your life on your terms, not on the terms of migraine or other health challenges! I want you to feel and be your best at your work, with your loved ones, with yourself! I want you to feel free and unstoppable. As that is what you deserve!

So are  you ready?

If you feel ready to take your health in your own hands, under expert guidance, then schedule a free health clarity call with me, so that we can find out if coaching is the right way for you and if we are a good fit.

I am looking forward to talk with you!


“One of my greatest joys is to see my clients make happier choices, to help them overcome their health issues and become fully alive again.”