The Food Mood Diary is a powerful tool I have used for many years to discover how food and my emotions affect my wellbeing, my digestion, the severeness and frequency of headaches and overall energy.

And even how food affects my emotions and how those impact my body.

You see, there is a very strong connection we need to bring to the light.

As Health Coach I deeply believe in bio-individuality and that every person needs something different to really thrive and be healthy.

No food is the same for everybody and I help my clients to find out what their individual needs are.


So as I do with my clients, I also want to encourage you to buy a journal to document your meals, your day-to-day activities and how your hunger or digestion relates to your overall wellbeing and your emotions. And how all this relates to your headaches or migraines, if that is what is making your life not as wonderful as it could be.


Journaling and having a food diary is a way to see patterns, both healthy and unhealthy.

I have been able to discover patterns that were holding me back from having balanced energy throughout my day and realized when I was stress eating.

Journaling is both powerful and profound for these reasons – it gives you insight into your day (and sleep as well!).

So set yourself 15 minutes a day to complete your diary. I like to set the alarm on my phone to remind me in the morning, at lunch and before bed.

While you are filling in your diary, continue to stay free of negative judgments. If negative feelings arise, or if you feel guilty slipping and eating something you consider “bad,” please remember that recording this information is important and will help you to see the connection between what you eat and how you feel emotionally and physically.

And please please please be gently to yourself! Rather than criticising yourself for having eaten something you think you should not have, try to be understanding and caring with yourself! There are always deeper reasons behind our cravings and our emotions and the journal helps you to discover those.

I would say big kudos to you for actually starting out on self-discovery with keeping a food mood diary! That is such a wonderful action to take for your own wellbeing and you only deserve a high five and a big hug for that in my world!

As you are starting out on your journey I would wish for you to become conscious of the food you consume. Try to eat with awareness and chew every bite 30 times.

I recommend that you use the food mood diary for at least 3 weeks, so that you really can see the patterns. In this way this journal will be your blueprint for your unique healthy body. If you tend to get a migraine only once a month, then try to keep the diary practice for longer, so that you can catch the reason behind it.

If you have already started to eliminate certain foods, then look for imbalances as you remove foods that might cause your headaches or migraines, and as you add back in foods. Notice how your body feels and how your mood is affected. Did you have a great sleep that night or did you feel tired after eating a certain food? Even if you think a food is “healthy”, it may not be healthy for you. Discover your blueprint. The more you use your food diary, the more enlightening this will be for you.

To make things easier for you I created a sample food mood diary, so that you know what things to look out for.

You can download it by filling in the form below.

As always: happy thoughts!


Get a free food diary!

Start to investigate what is causing your headaches or migraines and work towards your painfree life! This is my gift to you, so you can start taking control over your pain.

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