I feel honoured that you want to find out a bit more about me! So let me first tell you more in detail who you have virtually in front of you! The serious bits first. Because you are looking for somebody to help you out of your discomfort or illness and you want to be sure you can trust this somebody. But if you stick through this part, I’ll share more personal stuff at the end. 

So first things first: Let me tell you, that I have been where you are now, on that same downward spiral of chronic headaches and migraines, paired with weight gain and digestive issues. And unhappiness!

Until one day I found a way to really change, in a manner that I could maintain in time. Since that day I’ve come a long way, but my journey continues. As for everybody else, life happens, so there are ups and downs (and chocolate biscuits), but I now know that’s okay.

I know how to climb back onto the wagon when I have fallen off. And how to do that gently without beating myself up. It’s progress, not perfection that counts!

And since I know how disheartening it is to not even know where to start, I became a Certified Health Coach and made it my mission to show people like you how to get out of that spiral and feel nourished, happy and healthy again. And to do so caringly, peacefully and with ease.

My own road to this point has been a bumpy one, but it made me into who I am today and I am so thrilled that I get to help you to discover yourself in your innate healthy state again, get to cheer you on and be by your side all along your transformation.

Although I had been interested in natural healing techniques and healthy nutrition since my teenage years, I somehow found myself in quite an unhealthy state a few years ago. Pounds and bad habits had crept up on me without me really being aware of what was going on, but one day I woke up because my bathroom scales were showing numbers that were far too depressing… I was weighing far too much and suffering from recurring migraines almost every weekend. I went constantly shopping for new cheap clothes in the vain attempt to make myself feel better about my 200 pound heavy self. I had lost hope that I could ever look and feel differently.

Until I discovered that changing not so much how much, but more what I ate was having an immense positive impact on my wellbeing. This discovery brought me to experiment with different food, explore the raw food diet, train as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor in North California and then finding my real home at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I got my Health Coach Certification.

As a Health Coach, I have a different and new way of approaching health and wellness. In fact, I will not give you a diet plan and wish you well!

What my job involves is looking at all the different areas of your life, in addition to the food on your plate and to help create the plan that will bring YOU success!

Together we will create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. 

I want to help you to say goodbye to the pain in your life and instead show you how to make small sustainable changes that assist you in becoming the healthy and happy version of yourself that is waiting inside you.

I am going to begin sharing with you my strategies and tips to achieve the health and vitality that you, like so many others, have probably been chasing after for years.

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today.

And here are just some other bits and pieces, so you get to know me even more.

Simply 15 things you did not know about me yet….


  • I love ducks! Just seeing them makes me happy, I love the sounds they make and I could just stand there and watch them for a long time. When I was a teenager I used to go round to neighbours who had a lot of animals and sit in the grass and feed the little ducks. They would come up onto my lap to get their goodies. Ahh, sweet memories. J
  • I have lived longer abroad than in my home country Germany. With 19 I moved to Rome, with 32 I moved from there to Amsterdam. Only back in Germany since last year and loving it although I still really enjoy everything „international“.
  • I went – unsuccessfully and traumatically – to ballet lessons when I was a chubby round child. That experience did not last long. But I loved dance and with 16 I went back to dancing lessons for a few years, just for the love of it.
  • I worked in Telecommunications as a Project Manager for quite some years. Great experience, where I learned a lot. There i got to love the vibe of a truly international team.
  • Oh, I love blackbirds as well, when they sing in the summer evenings I could just stand near wherever they sit and listen to them transfixed by the beautiful sounds they emit…I once got caught just standing next to a rubbish bin because a blackbird was singing in the tree behind it. Now try to explain that to people! 😀
  • With 16 I turned vegetarian, with 33 after I had moved to Amsterdam I started to eat a little meat again every now and then and felt actually better whenever I did. Realized the way I ate as a vegetarian had not been necessarily healthy. Too much pasta, even if organic wholemeal, it still did not make me thrive. Now I am happy to call myself a flexitarian, listening to whatever my body needs.
  • I have had a driving licence since I am 18, but had to take driving lessons again this year, as living abroad I have never really driven and had completely lost my ability and confidence. It’s still not completely back, but I am working on it.
  • I love photography and have been taking photographs already as a 12 year I even won a price in a photography competition by my local town back then and as a price got to lunch with the other winners and the mayor of the town. That lunch was a nightmare for me, since as an introvert 12 year old I had no clue what to talk about and felt very intimidated. But was super proud of the picture in the local news. J
  • I once studied accordeon and classical guitar, but never went beyond a rather basic level. I actually would have loved to learn Oboe, but somehow was talked out of it. Still love the sound of an oboe. Who knows, one day I might just take some classes and learn it. Or singing. Or both! J
  • When still at school I was environmentally rather active and had put up a big bin to collect aluminium for recycling. For some bizar reason I thought I had to wash it before it went to get recycled and tipped it all into our bath tub, only to suddenly realize that I had no clue what to do with it afterwards, as it then was all wet and heavier. I don’t remember what I did with it afterwards, but I still remember the feeling of sudden dismal, realizing that I had done something really dumb…. 😀
  • When I lived in Italy I also lived in the countryside for a while with my then boyfriend. We grew our own grapes to make wine, we harvested olives and got our own olive oil pressed. We also grew wheat and harvested it by hand and I made flour out of it to make pasta and bread. I had three chicken and a cat. It sounds idylic, but it was actually quite a hard and harsh live. I am extremely thankful for that experience, it has made my life so much richer in many ways and I have learned so much there!
  • Thinking back, I have always been interested in natural and alternative healing methods and in healthy nutrition, at least I remember this from around the time when I was 17 or 18. With the years going by I somehow forgot parts of this interest or it got buried under the noise of life. When I found this lost love of mine in 2007 again, it was like finding a part of myself again. My last find was Essential Oils. I realized that I had been heavily ‚into them’ as a 20 year old and have welcomed them back into my life a couple of years ago.
  • I like to cook and most of the times what I cook turns out well, but I am not really good with fancy presentation, more of a rough edge about the way food lands on the plate. Just when I plan to take photos of the food I make an effort. And often my man has to plate the food, he is more patient than I am. J
  • I absolutely love to smile at people and see how their smile back slowly transforms their face into such beauty! It makes my day when that happens!
  • I love Gilmore Girls! Nuff said. 😀