What does lemon water have to do with headache and migraine relief you might ask.


I’ll tell you


It alkalizes the body! Often it’s when our bodies get too acidic that we could become prone to get a headache or migraine attack! So this is not a quick fix when you already have an attack of headache or migraine, but rather a long term strategy for your wellbeing.


Yes, lemon tastes sour or acid, but yet it helps to keep those pretty cells of yours alkalized and happy!


In life everything needs to be in balance. Specific type of balance for specific scenarios. And our bodies need to have a slightly alkaline PH value in order to function best. Because there is acid and there is alkaline. Those two situations always try and outdo each other!


So you enjoy coffee and bread in the morning, meat with fries for lunch and then some coffee again and a piece of a colleague’s birthday cake in the afternoon. In this way you are going down the acidic route already, since these are all acidic forming foods. Add some stress and there you go, full shebang, alkaline does not have a chance.


In order to give it a chance start to give your body the gift of fresh lemon water first thing in the morning, room temperature or slightly warm so as not to shock your system. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water.

And add lots of veggies and some fruit to your daily menu, cut out a bit of the bread and fries and…. no, keep the cake for now! It’s a special occasion and I want you to start slow.

Make a small change, one that is doable. Lemon water!


Every morning or as often as you can.

If you can only get to your lemon water in the afternoon, have it then.

If you are concerned about the enamel of your teeth, drink it with a straw and make sure to not brush your teeth for 30 minutes afterwards. Maybe rinse your mouth with water after drinking it.

But to be honest: with all the not so healthy stuff we let pass our lips day in day out lemon water might be the safest! So just start somewhere with something you feel you could get used or even enjoy!


Is there even more to it?


Yes, there is! It contains Vitamin C, it super-hydrates your body and it helps to detoxify by stimulating the liver! Everything that helps to detoxify is super welcome in my world! Car analogy: what if you drive your car with a blocked exhaust? Not good, no? Same for our body: when we can’t detoxify our body gets clocked up with toxins and that can lead to symptoms like headaches or migraines and later even to severe disease.


What do you say? Is it worth a shot of lemon water then?


Try it out for a week! I am looking forward to hear your experiences with this new habit!


Happy thoughts!