Finally, the Easter weekend is here!


Are you looking forward to a few days off? Or are you rather stressed and can’t wait to get back into your normal routine?

For many people the days leading up to these holidays have been hectic and full of long to-do lists. Was that the same for you?


For me there was the usual panic just before the last shop was closing. I found myself stressing myself out about the question if I really had everything I needed over the next days. This happens to me over and over again, although I know that this is unnecessary stress that I create for myself. But at least I am now aware that it is self-made stress (one area where I am good at DIY J) and I know that I can turn it off very quickly!

Just laugh it away!


When I notice myself getting more and more hectic between the supermarket shelves, I can reduce the feeling of stress by laughing about myself and shaking my head a little about my frantic behavior.

So a laughter takes away already a lot of the tension and after that I can finally see that all is good, that not everything must be perfect and can then continue my purchase much more relaxed. And this happens also in other situations. I stress myself out and have to catch myself doing it, becoming mindful and aware.

I had to learn this, but it was worth the effort!

Still I want to get to the root cause of this, so I need to ask:

Why do we always stress ourselves so much?


With me, it is the expectation I have to make everything right. In my subconscious I want to prove to myself and others that I can do things perfectly. This is not only very exhausting for myself, it’s also not good for anybody, because I am not necessarily the nicest version of myself in those moments. At the contrary, I am nervous, tense, easily irritated. Not so great. And it’s exactly in such a situation that a dull headache could sneak in or there could even be the onset of a migraine attack. Even less great!

It would be much better for myself and those around me, if I were relaxed, good-humored, calm, right?

How do I manage to get there?

I tell you how: by taking myself and my own well-being more serious than any conventions and expectations of others. By doing what I really want to do, what lights me up, what gives me joy or at least contentment for a job well done.

If this would be for example to not cook a great Easter menu this year, but to go out to eat or to make a simple salad with a bit of fish, then this is okay. In the sense of less is more: less complicated, less lengthy, less demanding. By listening to myself instead of getting stressed I can have a good time and enjoy the free time with friends and family.

I continue to work on this!

It is and remains a path of steady self-development


Now I am curious does this resonate with you? I’m assuming that you are familiar with these kind of situations?

If not: great! I am glad for you that this is not an issue you have to battle with!

If so, then you might have other situations that get you into stress mode, but the cause is in many cases this same one: people who are suffering from chronic or recurring headaches or migraines are often people who first think of others, who want others to be happy, who do not pay attention to their own needs. And often this type of people is not aware that they do this.

So being aware of this behavior or character trait is the first important step. Let us first ask ourselves where and how we could give ourselves and our own needs more importance, so that we do not get into this self-made stress. It’s called healthy egoism!

If you manage to become aware of your very own moments of self-made stress, then see if you can laugh about yourself! If you do and see everything more in the perspective what is important for YOU, then during these Easter holidays and thereafter nothing much can go wrong!

So remember:

Good is good enough!

With this I wish you a few wonderful Easter days and above all that you are doing well and feel full of energy – without headaches or migraines!

Warm wishes to you!

P.S. If you want help with this topic, with how you can find out how to develop a little more healthy egoism or also find out what food would be good for you and bad for your migraine and headache, then just sign up for a FREE 30-minute conversation with me. You can search for a suitable date at I’m looking forward to help you!