Do 3 slow belly breaths


One of the first steps towards getting better is recognizing how truly important and precious you are and that your health and wellbeing define your whole life and the success of your business.

Caring for yourself is an act of self-love and deserves your time and attention. Sometimes it does not take a lot of time, it just takes you, being aware and remembering to give your body and soul a quiet mini break.

Here is a very simple yet powerful breathing exercise for you.


With 3 calm and deep belly breaths you can change so much – done just before you start eating, they help you digest your food better and create the foundation of overall health. When you feel stressed, they help you ground and get into a calmer and peaceful state.

Do these in your own tempo, inhaling through your nose and do the exhalation through your nose or your mouth, whatever you prefer.
Allow the air to fill your body and let your belly expand on the inhale.
Relax your body on each exhale, especially the muscles in your face.
Enjoy this moment just for you.

Give your Body and your Soul this gift of being in the moment.

You are loved because you simply ARE.


All my love,