Help your body get painfree by addressing the underlying reasons keeping it from thriving.

But how do you know the underlying reason when you feel like you’ve tried everything?

Trying to understand health is like putting together a huge puzzle.

Every single part is needed to make it complete. It takes time to put together but when you do it with somebody who knows already where each parts goes it’s much faster.

What’s important to remember is that your body has an innate mechanism for striving for health. Health is not guaranteed, but it’s an innate biological state.

So if your body is naturally striving for balance, for health – then why are so many people suffering from various pains and symptoms?

Let’s set one thing straight first. The fact that your body is reacting with migraine or other pains does not mean it has to stay that way. It also does not mean that it’s your fault.

But common doctors practices are not trained to investigate why this natural process is not working for their patients, so many doctors don’t recognize it or don’t know how to help…

…and they inadvertently end up overriding innate abilities for being healthy, as they focus on the symptom, not the cause. By silencing symptoms with medication they are often stopping the possibility to really heal.

I’ve tried everything – what more can you give me?

There’s some critical information you need that’s not understood or taught in common traditional advice. Approaches that don’t understand and address the root causes are limited by nature.
Once you understand the information about what your body needs and why it is signaling dis-ease through migraine or other chronic symptoms, you’ll have crucial insights that can help you heal if you apply them.
Migraine, chronic pain and other health challenges go way deeper than “just” the symptom. By learning how to address the root cause, you’ll gain tools that will be an enormous support throughout your life in terms of your health, immune system and the way you will be able to age. The aim is to enable you to live your life without or with as little medication as necessary, pain-free and full of energy, now and in the future.
This approach is an investment for your whole life.

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The key to unlocking this wonderful innate mechanism? Understanding that it’s about more than just your symptom.

What we need to do is take into account all aspects of health — nutrition, movement, lifestyle—-to get down to the roots of why your body isn’t able to function without showing you discomfort through pain and symptoms.
When you can resolve the underlying issues and give your body all it needs, it will be easier for your body to gain full functionality and you’ll understand your body in a whole new way.

Here are the three main areas we’ll be working on.

If you’ve ever experienced digestive issues like cramps, diarrhea, constipation, bloating etc. there’s a good reason and you are probably aware that your food has a lot to do with that! Yet other symptoms that don’t seem to be related to food, like migraine, pain in your joints, heart problems and more, are also related to the food you eat and to the health of your digestive system, your gut. Those symptoms are on a deeper level of disfunction which makes it so much more important to start addressing them at the root cause.  I’ll show you how to understand food, what certain food does in your body, and why it relates closely with your symptoms. We define which food is best for your body to thrive.


Stress Management
Just like food, it’s your thoughts and emotions that can nourish you. But when you live in constant, almost hidden stress that is impacting your thinking and your emotions you may develop tension patterns in your body and a constant release of stress hormones. A constant release of stress hormones over a longer time has a detrimental effect on your body’s functionality and your overall  health. I’ll show you how to help your body self-regulate and stay calmer by how you handle stress situations, but also how you live your daily life.


Body & Mind
Our bodies need movement, our minds need rest. In today’s life often the contrary is true. We don’t move our body as we are sitting in front of our PC all day and our mind is constantly racing with all the to-do’s on our list and the constant flow of information from the digital world and social media.
When we pay attention to those areas and revert those patterns, your body will be able to shift into healing mode and start to get better.

Most methods look at symptom suppression or simply focus on one strategy only to fix something that is believed to be wrong. These often backfire.

When our bodies hurt and show us symptoms, many people assume it means they are like this because their body is flawed and must be fixed. Or they think that they are simply unlucky with a wonky set of genes.

This understandably leads them to believe that this can’t be really helped  and then utilize strategies such as pills, botox, surgery and hiding in a dark place until the pain subsides. Maybe they even follow a nutrition plan, but it’s not based on their body’s individual needs and simply takes out what’s thought to be trigger foods.
But by doing so, you may instead end up inadvertently bypassing what your body is trying to communicate and miss a chance to really heal. I know it’s confusing – how are you to know when all the other advice says otherwise?

You see, even though the pain or symptom may become less for a bit, these strategies don’t solve your body’s underlying needs.

…which means the problem can submerge and come back later in a different form of health issue.

When you do address the underlying reasons, you’ll:

  • Help your body heal and get out from pain
  • Deepen your understanding of what your body needs to live well
  • Foster your ability to listen to your body and soul and recognize their signals
  • Meet your legitimate need for nourishment on all levels
  • Experience a quieter mind
  • Establish foundations for lifelong health
  • Build a stronger immune system and go through life feeling safe and protected
…all at the same time.

So when you’re in pain and want a quick fix, it’s easy to turn to crutches, like pain killers or even surgery.

The thing is, if health isn’t fostered through an innate process, it will be based on symptom suppression, which will affect you in the long term.

I propose that we address these underlying reasons now to make becoming symptom-free easier – and you overall healthier.

A typical method or nutrition plan also won’t address those deeper feelings of worry or guilt about why your body isn’t okay and why you feel unreliable in your life and work. So if the plan backfires, so does your confidence. We will take care to address those feelings, too.
Yes, it does take commitment. But in the process, you’ll build such a solid foundation that everything becomes easier—not just the absence of pain —and not just now, but ongoing.

We need to slow down to meet your body’s pace. Working in tandem with your body is absolutely necessary. No one likes the feeling of being rushed. It’s a process. And it’s exactly what will serve the ultimate success of your healing journey because lifelong healthy patterns get set up now.
Working with your body’s own awareness and drawing out its own abilities will serve you far beyond a typical treatment plan!

With a coaching package focusing on your current health challenge, you’ll gain wisdom that will serve you through an entire life and will keep giving back.

Welcome to my root cause guided approach

Together we will identify and address the reason for your body’s pain signals and then help it to come out of this state of alarm.

It’s an individualised, respectful approach based on your health history and condition, combined with analysis from the perspective of functional nutrition and medicine as taught by my teachers Andrea Nakayama and Reed Davis. We work towards improving your health and giving your body what it really needs, while limiting what is harmful to it. I will be with you throughout this process so I can give you feedback in real time and you can ask me questions.


You will feel empowered about your own health and really take it in the direction you want.

What you will gain:
You will help your body to come into balance so that healing becomes possible.
You will set healthy eating and living habits in motion.
You understand why stress reduction is related to your overall health and symptoms and what you can do about it
You discover the complexity of your body’s internal communication pathways and how to give it what it needs to function at its best.
You become a kind of food detective and recognise what is good for you.
You learn to read and understand food labels.
Understand what your body needs in particularly challenging times
You improve areas of your lifestyle that need an upgrade
You take responsibility for your health from a deep understanding and with a new direction

What working on the root causes of your ailments is not:

I’m a health coach, but I’m a little different. Do you get a “nutrition plan” and are left alone with it? No, because a traditional nutrition plan is usually based on a general approach that is not tailored to your individual needs. You get something better – a plan to create YOUR healthy roots! Since everyone’s needs are different, we’ll make sure we cater to your needs.

This will give you a compass to help you think differently about your health challenges and know what your body needs. It will give you a lifetime of support and insight and lay the foundation for a healthier future.

I would love to say that all your aches and pains will disappear. And they might! However, I can’t promise how quickly you will feel better because it is very personal and depends on many factors. Remember, we don’t suppress symptoms, we listen to your body’s needs and gradually give it more of what it needs and less of what might harm it.

My clients find that apart from being less bothered by their main symptom, they have an overall feeling of more energy and well-being. When we address the root cause, all body systems can function better and more optimally.

In occasional cases where symptoms do not improve fundamentally, I will refer to additional laboratory tests. These can show us deeper causes, such as immune reactions to certain foods.


Here is a little insight into what else we will be discussing

Why nutrition is one of the most important aspects to look at, but not the only one
How to tell which foods are good for your body
What breathing has to do with digestion
Why the use of painkillers and medicines can take its toll on you
How cravings for sweets develop and how you can get rid of them
What stress does to your body and your health
Why gut health is so important for your health
The importance of a good night’s sleep and how a sleep ritual can help
The wheel of life as a guide to change


This is how we will work together

During our time together we will explore all three main areas (Nutrition, Stress Management, and Mind & Body) to find the underlying reasons why your body is giving you signals of discomfort (except Health Kickoff Single Sessions where we will focus solely on nutrition).

  • All coaching sessions are online via Zoom, lasting 60 minutes. For packages with multiple coaching sessions, there is enough time between coaching sessions to implement what we are working on and observe what changes.
  • Detailed follow-up notes after each session, including a summary of what we have discussed
  • Email support between sessions: share updates with me and ask me questions during implementation so we can address your experiences.
  • BONUS! Helpful documents and worksheets to help you reinforce the topics discussed.


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