Get a happy and painfree head with the Happy Head Detox program

Over 60 recipes, 14 days of healthy eating, lots of detox tips and handouts plus a free 30 minute call with me.

I created this program because I want to empower every headache and migraine sufferer, to free themselves from their burden, like I have been able to.

I’ve suffered from frequent migraines from my early teens and nothing really helped me until I changed my nutrition a few years ago. That was such an important discovery and since then I’ve made it my mission to make as many people as possible aware of this connection between our nutrition, our physiology, our lifestyle and our wellbeing.

Not many people seem to know that the answer to a painfree and vital life most of the times lays in the food they eat, so they keep suffering and missing out on life. Having pain of any kind in most cases is your body screaming for help and we would really just need to listen and learn how to provide the help and support it is asking for.

I want to empower you with the knowledge that you need in order to florish and thrive.

I want you to experience how it feels to be in charge instead of being a victim to pains and aches.

I want you to learn by doing, by trying out a new lifestyle and be amazed by your transformation.